What is My Dream Kitchen™ Pricing?

My Dream Kitchen™ pricing allows you to gauge the price of a project based on the selections you make and an example project. On the My Dream Kitchen™ page you will the examples you can choose from. You can download floor plans and item lists, view alternate angles, and ultimately select the example which best represents the project you are considering. Then, when you are browsing door styles, the My Dream Kitchen™ pricing will update based on the door style and color selection you are currently viewing.

How does My Dream Kitchen™ Pricing work?

My Dream Kitchen™ works by comparing the styles and colors you choose (each of which has a different price point associated with it), to a project with known dimensions and scope. You select which project most closely matches your own, both in terms of level of design (how decorative or functional), and dimensions. You can read more about each project in the descriptions when you click on them. You can view their dimensions by downloading the floor plan as a PDF. While it’s highly unlikely that a Dream Kitchen will exactly match your project in size and scope, you should be able to approximate if the style and color you are choosing will fit with your investment level.

Why does my selected color sometimes change when I change my door selection?

The default color for each door style is Maple – Natural. If you are seeing Maple – Natural it means that the color you were just considering is not available on the door you are currently considering. Try choosing another door or changing your color.